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Federal retirement is a word that describes the retiring process and all the formalities involved for the federal employees of the country.


What Are the Fastest Growing Retirement Plans?

A recent report has highlighted some of the fastest growing retirement plans and how the assets of the top 1000 retirement plans in the US are growing. The topper in the list is the popular TSP or Thrift Savings PlanRead More

Few Federal Employees are Leaving Jobs Due to Election of President Trump

Before the presidential elections took place last year, many federal employees were of the opinion that they would leave their jobs if presidential candidate Donald Trump was chosen for the oval office. Well, the elections are over now and he … Read More

Government Provided Federal Retirement Contributions

All the people who are eligible for federal retirement are interested in knowing the amount of contribution that is being done by the federal government. It helps them to plan their finances in a better manner and assists them to … Read More

Retirement Benefits Savers Get a Gift from IRS

The Internal Revenue Service of the USA has given a special gift to all the retirees who have some retirement benefits saving. It has allowed them a chance to explain why they didn’t stick to the 60-day deadline while moving … Read More

Manning City Council to get Retirement Benefits

The members of Manning City Council will have access to health insurance and retirement benefits starting spring 2018. This decision was made recently. A few people have shown their displeasure with the decision. They argue that the decision should be … Read More

Calculating the FERS Supplement by Paul Kalra

A Lesson on Calculating the FERS Supplement by Paul Kalra

FERS Paul KalraThere are many FERS annuitants who are able to retire prior to the age of 62, and who are eligible for the SRS (Special Retirement Supplement). You can meet such … Read More

Federal Retirement benefits reporting addressed by FASB

Recently FASB has come in the news because they released two different proposals this past week that are aimed at addressing some of the reporting issues that federal officers face regarding their Federal Retirement Benefits.

FASB’s proposals address federal

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5 Things You Must Do If You Are Eligible for Federal Retirement

federal retirementIf you are a Federal employee who is counting the days to his or her retirement then you must remember to do certain things. These things will help you to get your money soon after retirement and would save you … Read More

Things to know about federal retirement and taxes

phased federal retirement

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If you are a servant of the federal government, then there is nothing you would look forward to more than achieving your federal retirement and enjoy the benefits that follow. The road towards retirement isn’t … Read More

Looking to start your savings or retirement accounts?

military retirementA recent study that was conducted by the ORC international and the Federal Credit Union of the Navy revealed that the military youngsters are incredibly and remarkably more inclined towards taking up the savings and/or the retirement funds than the … Read More

Details about the new military retirement system

military retirement system


Soon we will be hearing from the Defense Department regarding the new military retirement system that’s set to be put in to effect from January the 1st of 2018. There are some intricate details regarding the system that … Read More

The Last of the Government Research Chimpanzees are Retiring

research chimpanzees

The Government is retiring the last of the research Chimpanzees

There have been some chimpanzees used by the government for scientific research purposes but now the National institutes of health has decided to send the final few research animals into … Read More

Medicare Premiums to Rise for Some Retirees

Medicare Premiums to Rise for Some Retirees

medicare premiumsOn Monday, November 1, President Obama signed legislation that averts what, for many federal retirees, would have been a very large increase in their Medicare Part B insurance premiums. Instead of facing a … Read More

Most Tax-Friendly States To Save Your Federal Retirement Benefits

Most Tax-Friendly States To Save Your Federal Retirement Benefits

Welcome to Alaska and save taxes on federal retirement benefits

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When selecting the location for life after federal retirement, no doubt sun n’sand and some golf courses figure prominently. But Florida and Arizona are not even in … Read More

VA Federal Employees Face Charges for Misuse of Funds

VA Federal Employees Face Charges for Misuse of Funds

reward executives

Two senior Veterans Affairs managers face criminal charges after a watchdog group reported that these federal employees gave employees large salaries and relocation reimbursements as an incentive to reward executives.… Read More

Federal Retirement Backlog Still Backed Up

Federal Retirement Backlog Still Backed Up

governmentDespite efforts to reduce a massive federal retirement backlog, the Office of Personnel Management did not make much headway in August, according to numbers released by the OPM. The OPM began tracking their … Read More

Government Shutdown Tips For Federal Employees and Retirees

Government Shutdown Tips For Federal Employees and Retirees

RetireesAs Oct 1 draws closer, everyone is bracing for what looks to be another certain game of congressional chicken that will cause billions of dollars in losses, and a lot of pain … Read More

Reemployed Annuitants and FEGLI


FEGLI For Reemployed Annuitants

annuitantsSo you decided to hang up your federal employment boots and enjoy retirement benefits such as FEGLI for annuitants. But then you get lured back into the federal workforce, whether by want … Read More

Pending Retirement Claims and FEGLI

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FEGLI and Pending Retirement Claims

pending retirementSo you’re eligible for FEGLI and your life insurance coverage will continue when you are an annuitant after federal separation. But there’s a twilight zone in between the two, when your… Read More

DOL Hearing on Federal Retirement Savings Investment Advice Standards

DOL Hearing on Federal Retirement Savings Investment Advice Standards

retirementThe U.S.  Department of Labor held a hearing yesterday on its controversial Conflict of Interest Rule Proposal which updates the definition of “fiduciary investment advice” under the Employee Retirement Income Security … Read More