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Children of Veterans Get Free School Supplies in San Antonio

Children of veterans who served the nation at some point and are fighting poverty and homelessness have a new reason to smile. The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs recently offered free school supplies to them in San Antonio and helped … Read More

Department of VA withholds payments of the Household Veterans

A new report states that the Department of Veteran Affairs has withheld more than $100 million dollars of household veterans. It also highlights the reasons behind this problem. The department of VA said that it is working on some changes … Read More

A Job Fair for Veterans to be Organized Soon

A human resource company is going to organize a job fair for veterans in Newington on September 22. The aim of the event would be to help veterans connect with Corporates and help them get a job that matches their … Read More

Counting Homeless Veterans a Problem in Iowa

The state of Iowa is facing a unique problem in the recent times. It cannot count the number of veterans who are homeless. The people responsible for counting the number of homeless veterans are facing a lot of challenges. Sometimes, … Read More

Fighting Veteran Homelessness Becomes Easier Thanks to a Big Grant

It’s been just a few days since we reported how the veteran homelessness has reduced considerably since 2010. Now, we have some more good news for veterans who are dealing with the problem of homelessness. The veterans of San … Read More

The Number of Homeless Veterans Declines

The veterans who served the nation in times of need are getting better at avoiding homelessness. This was revealed in the official data. The progress is a result of partnerships between many federal, local and state bodies who are working … Read More

Veterans Affairs Employees Protest Against Closing of VA Hospitals and Medical Centers

Veterans from all over the country are uniting against the supposed methods of enhancing VA healthcare. The veterans do not agree with the Commission on Care that recommended that the VA hospitals and medical centers should be closed down … Read More

Veterans to Get Training to become Federal Employees

Elizabeth City State University is organizing a workshop for veterans that will let them know how they can grab federal jobs and become federal employees. The workshop will benefit all the people related to veterans. OPM is also involved … Read More

Man Who Threatened Federal Employees Charged

A man accused of threatening many federal employees at once has been charged and is now presented to the court after getting arrested and charged with his crimes. He can be sent to jail for one year and he can … Read More

OPM Urged to Create a Separate Office for Veterans

A US Senator has stated that veterans, especially the ones who have been disabled, must be given better job opportunities. She insisted that OPM takes some steps in ensuring that the veterans are given suitable job opportunities via a dedicated … Read More

Disabled vets and spouses to get VA Special pension benefit

The Aid and Attendance pension benefit given by the VA is meant to offset the financial problems and burdens faced by the veterans who have a disability or their spouses who have outlived them.

veterans affairs federal employeesDISABLED VETERANS AND SPOUSES GET PENSION

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Former VA nurse has been sentenced to 60 months in prison

A former VA nurse has been sentenced to 60 months in prison. Enrique Martinez Mathews who worked at the VA medical center Miami was given the sentence on March 2, 2016 after she pleaded guilty to changing and fabricating some … Read More

Veterans Affairs policy altered after Vets falsely declared dead

The federal government has recently accepted that they make a mistake when they made the false declaration of around 100 dead veterans. Their benefits were also withheld and now this policy of declaring veterans dead is set to get altered.… Read More

VA employees to get relocation funds

VA employees to get relocation funds

va employees relocationThe department of Veterans Affairs is one that is never completely out of the news. The officials of the organization might just have to part with thousands of dollars by giving them to two … Read More

VA Employees finally Receiving Pay from 2010

veterans affairs vaThe Amarillo VA Healthcare system has waited almost 6 years since a 2010 law was passed in order to provide back pay, pay rate changes and other pay incentives to be applied, due to software issues. This only happened … Read More

Otto Macias suffering in Cuba pertaining to US Embargo

otto maciasA native to Cuba, Otto Macias is a former combat infantryman who fought in the Vietnam war of the 1960s for the Americans, before he made his move to the US, the homeland he chose to inhabit. In 1981 though, … Read More

More Violations at VA Medical Facilities

veterans affairs vaThe VA medical facilities have always been subject to increased criticism from everyone for the increased policy violations that persist in the premises. When Anthony McCann received an envelope from the VA, he was expecting to read about his … Read More

A Lunch for Veterans intended to Arouse Awareness

veteransA veteran-for-veteran run counseling place offered all of its clients a warm thank you by giving away all of its clients a free lunch. This lunch was intended to make the veterans aware and bring all of them together in … Read More

VA employee Scott Benson pays White house a visit

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VA employee Scott Benson pays White house a visit

A representative of the Veterans service, Scott Benson who is with the Muskogee Veterans Regional Office of Benefits has recently visited the White House in order to … Read More

Veterans unhappy Because of Camp Lejeune Benefits

camp lejeune benefitsThere were about 150 veterans of the Marine Corps who attended a conference at a room at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay along with their families. The town hall meeting was intended to hear what the federal scientist and the … Read More