rccI absolutely enjoy writing about subjects I think may help somebody get a better understanding of how to live their best life.  So I thought TSP knows RCC had the makings of a RAP song and that if any of my students saw this post they wouldn’t think I was totally incapable of understanding RAP; and the rest of the reading audience would hang around to read the rest of the post.

Well, back to what I understand.  RCC is Retirement Contribution Credits.  Individuals who participated in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) during the 2013 calendar year might have qualified for the credit if they met the modified adjusted gross income criteria.

See which category fits your financial picture:

Married and filing jointly if your adjusted gross income did not exceed $59,000.00.

Head of Household – $44,250.00.

Single or Married filing separately or a qualifying widow or widower – $29,500.00.

Stay connected and informed on your TSP so that you don’t miss out on any benefits that can potentially improve your financial outlook now and in retirement.

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