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Will Congress Approve Federal Employee Retirement Benefit Increases?

A congressman is attempting to create federal retirement benefit increases. The proposal offers the new calculation using CPI-E vs. CPI-W. Using CPI- U instead of CPI-W is also being proposed. It is not clear whether … Read More

Firing Federal Employees Becomes Easy

Most federal employees seek to know the best date to retire so that they can do the financial planning well. But it seems that they will need to plan ahead as firing federal employees has become easy thanks to a … Read More

1 Billion USD Paid to People without Social Security Numbers

A new audit has highlighted that $1 billion was paid to people without social security numbers. This is amongst the most shocking social security news that has come out in a long time. Lack of proper records is said to … Read More

Increasing Social Security Payouts by $30,000

A simple social security fact is that most people rely on it to support them each and every month. If you also depend on Social Security then you need to how increasing a simple calculation adjustment could have impacted Social … Read More

Making Your FERS Retirement Calculation Easy

Your FERS retirement calculation can be complicated, but it does not have to be. Most of the federal employees calculate their federal retirement annuities before retirement so that they can have a comfortable understanding of their post-retirement income. If you … Read More

Better TSP Cyber Security Needed

TSP cyber security breaches have been a nightmare for the federal government for several years now and the TSP or Thrift Savings Plan Board, Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, is not unfazed by it. But a recent audit report says … Read More

Popular TSP L Funds

TSP L Funds are an important part of your Thrift Savings Plan. Though they have numerous benefits, L Funds are not perfect. They have some side effects as well. In this article, we are exploring various aspects of the … Read More

Mistakes People Make While Picking the Best Date to Retire

One of the most common realities of retirement is that you have the responsibility of picking the best date to retire. You may seek help in deciding when you will opt for FERS retirement. To help you out, we … Read More

Fed Interest Rate Hike and TSP Growth

Economic growth has triggered a Fed Interest Rate Hike and TSP Growth coincides.  Since the start of 2017, the US economic data has steadily improved, and the Federal Reserve is raising rates as a result. A steady increase in the … Read More

What Are the Fastest Growing Retirement Plans?

A recent report has highlighted some of the fastest growing retirement plans and how the assets of the top 1000 retirement plans in the US are growing. The topper in the list is the popular TSP or Thrift Savings PlanRead More

Protect Your Social Security Number From Being Stolen

Your Social Security Number is one of the most important numbers in most American’s lives, and many Federal employees fail to take steps necessary to keep their Social Security number from being stolen.  But one of the social security facts Read More

What’s the Future of Federal Employees’ Benefits?

Under the Trump administration, federal employees are scared of losing their retirement benefits, compensation, and child care benefits. They are also afraid that if Trump cuts down on federal employees’ benefits, it will ruin their financial planning. Here we … Read More

Too Little Too Late With Social Security Legislation?

Many people believe that social security runs out of money in the next few years. Given the importance of Social Security, this risk is not something most people can ignore. American senators are aware of this fact too. This … Read More

Divorce Impacts Women Harder In Retirement

A new study has revealed that divorce impacts women harder than their former spouses.  The study also shares that the later in life women get divorced, the longer they postponed their retirement and showed that many women are forced to … Read More

Best Dates to Retire for CSRS and FERS Employees 2017, and 2018

Best Dates to Retire for CSRS and FERS Employees – 2017 and 2018

Best Dates to RetireBefore we begin our discussion, let’s try to understand some important rules and issues concerning FERS, CSRS, and CSRS Offset employees. To start, lets make the confusion … Read More

Federal Retirement Tsunami Still a Myth?

People feared that the much-talked about federal retirement tsunami will hit this year as many of the federal employees who are eligible for retirement would opt for retiring and enjoying their Federal Annuities at home. It was also believed that … Read More

3 Worst States for Taxes Everyone Should Know Before Retirement

When a person nears retirement, he or she often starts hunting up the best places to retire. The most common criterion for choosing a place is the tax laws of the state. If the taxes are more, a person … Read More

Children of Veterans Get Free School Supplies in San Antonio

Children of veterans who served the nation at some point and are fighting poverty and homelessness have a new reason to smile. The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs recently offered free school supplies to them in San Antonio and helped … Read More

How are Federal Employees’ Benefits Expected to Change Under the New Administration?

Whenever the administration of the country is changed, one of the key issues that pop up in the minds of the federal employees is that how will the new government reform the federal employees’ benefits. Would FERS retirement or Federal Read More

Men and Women have a different approach to Retirement Benefits: Survey

The perception of men and women towards retirement and retirement benefits is totally different from one another. It was revealed in a report released on the basis of the Voices of Experience Survey. The survey also revealed that women plan … Read More