USPS LiteBlue: Stay Connected With LiteBlue

Staying Connected with USPS LiteBlue

USPS LiteBlueThe United States Postal Service has one of the most efficient ways to stay connected with its employees through USPS Liteblue.  It is fast and packed with the kind of information employees need as they plan their careers with the Postal Service.

USPS LiteBlue houses the most important dynamic that a communications and information system can have.  It allows employees of the Postal Service to provide feedback on what they would like to see as part of the benefits and provisions offered to them.

LiteBlue has a plethora of information about career development opportunities, revenue and service performance something many employees may not feel falls on their plates.  The Postal Service is somewhat different from many areas of the Federal Government, they sale services that every American benefits from.  We buy stamps to mail letters and other pieces of information.  Although, automation is around and many have gravitated towards electronic mail, the services of the Post Office are still very relevant.

I enjoy the cards my friends and family send to me through the U.S. Postal Service.  It is a special feeling to have someone take the time to purchase a card, address it and get it to the post office to be mailed.  It is a part of America’s history.   Postal employees are well served to look at the revenue and service performance of the Postal Service.    LiteBlue also introduces products and recognition among so many other topics that can be accessed by Postal employees.

LiteBlue is a dynamic communications piece that allows Postal Employees to stay connected 24 hours a day.  Postal Employees can access their benefits profile.  They can view their accounts and make changes to their benefits during open season through a secure portal PostalEASE via LiteBlue.

Postal employees and all Federal Employees should visit relevant information sites often to make sure they are getting the information so critical to capturing all the career development opportunities available and how to begin planning early for a retirement future that is secure and safe.

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