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The Postal Service is Unlikely to Give Pension Payments

usps postal serviceA new report that has emerged regarding the dismal financial situation of the Postal of the country indicates that the department is “unlikely” to make the complete/required pension and health payments to its retirees in the near future. Apart from … Read More

Rollback Savings at the USPS?

Reducing USPS Stamp Prices

financialIn the midst of the United States Postal Service ( making drastic changes to become profitable again, there will be a tiny step backwards come next spring. Stamp prices jumped three cents to 49¢ … Read More

Postal Workers Protest – “The U.S. Mail is Not for Sale”

USPS – Staples and LiteBlue


The largest labor battle in recent history between postal workers and the United States Postmaster General is heading to Washington D.C. for a National Labor Relations Board judge’s hearing August 17.

The feud began back … Read More

USPS Has Fallen On Hard Times – Can LiteBlue Save It

USPS Has Fallen On Hard Times – Can LiteBlue Save It


The United States Postal Service is one of the largest semi-independent federal agencies in the United States, only being partially supported by tax dollars. However, just like every … Read More

Postal LiteBlue and Open Season

Postal LiteBluePostal Service employees should visit LiteBlue to download their FEHB (health benefits) guides for this year’s open season.  Open season is the annual period when employees can make changes to their health coverage or choose a new plan – this Read More

Will Insurance Premiums Rise For Federal Employees?

Health Insurance Premiums and Federal Employees

Premiums RiseThere has been plenty of talk about health insurance premiums being on the rise with more of the financial responsibility being placed on the employee.  The premiums on health insurance for Federal and Postal … Read More

Open Season and Other Benefits

Enrollment For Federal Employee Benefits

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) no longer has an Open Season.  Employees may start, stop or change their TSP contributions or participation in the TSP at any time.

The Fe Federal Employee Benefitsderal Long … Read More

What Federal Employees Need Prior To Open Season

Open Season Requirements

tense time for federal employees

Open Season can be a very tense time for federal employees because of the many decisions to be made.  Circumstances and conditions in families change and employees need to be ready to address those changes.  Having information … Read More

Benefits Specialists / Programs

What Specialists Are Available To Help Federal Employees With Benefit Selections

Benefit SelectionsIndividuals charged with overseeing benefits and helping to organize benefits and health-care fairs receive information needed each year from OPM in order to make Open Season happen in their … Read More

What You Can Do In Open Season

Federal employeesOpen Season is an annual event for Federal employees.  During Open Season, employees may do the following:

Enroll in a flexible spending account program (FSAFEDS) which is a health care and/or dependent care account.  Participation in the program requires … Read More

2014 Open Season

2014 Open Season for Federal Employees

Postal employeesActive Federal & Postal employees, retirees and their families should be on the look-out for Open Season which starts Monday, November 10, 2014 and continues through Monday, December 8, 2014.  Open Season allows Federal Read More

How Are My Benefits Handled If I Transfer Systems


Benefits HandledFederal employees under the old civil service system – CSRS and the interim plan CSRS Offset had the option during two open seasons (1987 and 1998) to transfer to the new retirement system – FERS.  Another condition was … Read More

How Ready Are You For Retirement?

Ready Are You For Retirement?• Have you quantified your financial objectives?  In other words, have you estimated how much money you will need to live the life you desire in retirement?

• Have you saved enough in your TSP Account?

• For Postal Employees … Read More

Critical Ages For Federal Retirement

Critical Ages for Federal Employee Retirement

Critical Ages

There are Critical Ages that Federal Employees should be aware of.  These ages represent opportunities for Federal Employees who might want to maximize their retirement benefits.


Federal Employee ~~ Age 50

• Begin … Read More

Records To Check Before Retirement

Records To Check Before Retirement

It is best to make certain all of your records are in place when anticipating retirement.  Tips to get in shape for retirement.

-Review your designation of beneficiary for the lump … Read More

For Federal Employees – Tips To Creating A Retirement Budget

Federal Employees and Retirement Budgets

A Retirement BudgetYou don’t have to follow any particular format for creating a budget except to measure income against expenses.  The tips below might help you get started.

  • Determine a time horizon for tracking your income and
Read More

Budgeting And Federal Employee Financial Plans

Retirement BudgetFor Federal and Postal Employees, building a budget carries equal weight to building a financial plan.  

Envision constructing a house – The financial plan is the front door to your dwelling and the budget is the back door, Read More