retirement benefits

Retirement benefits are the monetary and other benefits and incentives provided to the retired officers and employees of the government.


Is Auto-Enrolment Good for Financial Planning and Wellness of Civilian Employees of the US Army?

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Retirement Assets Reach Over $19 Trillion in 2016

Per recent data shared by the Federal Reserve, retirement assets reach over $19 trillion. This data demonstrates the seriousness that people are approaching their retirement financial planning. Have a look at the numbers and see how the assets are … Read More

What’s the Future of Federal Employees’ Benefits?

Under the Trump administration, federal employees are scared of losing their retirement benefits, compensation, and child care benefits. They are also afraid that if Trump cuts down on federal employees’ benefits, it will ruin their financial planning. Here we … Read More

Too Little Too Late With Social Security Legislation?

Many people believe that social security runs out of money in the next few years. Given the importance of Social Security, this risk is not something most people can ignore. American senators are aware of this fact too. This … Read More

Federal Retirement Tsunami Still a Myth?

People feared that the much-talked about federal retirement tsunami will hit this year as many of the federal employees who are eligible for retirement would opt for retiring and enjoying their Federal Annuities at home. It was also believed that … Read More

How are Federal Employees’ Benefits Expected to Change Under the New Administration?

Whenever the administration of the country is changed, one of the key issues that pop up in the minds of the federal employees is that how will the new government reform the federal employees’ benefits. Would FERS retirement or Federal Read More

Men and Women have a different approach to Retirement Benefits: Survey

The perception of men and women towards retirement and retirement benefits is totally different from one another. It was revealed in a report released on the basis of the Voices of Experience Survey. The survey also revealed that women plan … Read More

Many American Physicians not Prepared for Retirement and have less Retirement Benefits Savings

A new study has found that a large chunk of the physicians in America are unable to meet their retirement goals and they are behind schedule with regard to retirement benefits savings. Those who are better prepared for retirement and … Read More

Few Federal Employees are Leaving Jobs Due to Election of President Trump

Before the presidential elections took place last year, many federal employees were of the opinion that they would leave their jobs if presidential candidate Donald Trump was chosen for the oval office. Well, the elections are over now and he … Read More

Retirement Education is the Key to Better Retirement Benefits: Study

A recent study has revealed that employers who wish for better retirement benefits for their employees must train their employees on retirement savings. The study also revealed that boomers and low-income workers were the worst among those who got an … Read More

6 IRA Myths that Prevented You from Increasing Your Retirement Benefits Busted

When you are planning your retirement, you obviously look for an option that let you grow your retirement benefits easily. One such option is to put your money in an individual retirement account or IRA. But some people fail to … Read More

Living Expenses Stopping New Yorkers from Saving Enough towards Retirement Benefits

A new poll has stated that Baby Boomers and Gen Xers in New York are not saving enough towards retirement benefits because they are just getting by. Many of them are worried that social security benefits won’t be enough in … Read More

Americans are Finally Saving More towards Retirement Benefits

A study has recently revealed that the retirement benefits savings of the Americans are actually getting better at the present. The study results also show that people are saving more than they did 5 years ago. Experts say that more … Read More

Baby Boomers and Millennials Equally Use Technology for Retirement Benefits Savings

The use of apps and tools to manage retirement benefits savings is almost equal among Millennials and baby boomers. This was revealed in a recent survey. It also highlighted that the Millennials were far ahead of baby boomers when it … Read More

About 31% Americans have no Retirement Benefits Savings Again

A recent report has found out several interesting facts related to the financial situations of the Americans. The report says that a substantial number of Americans have no retirement benefits. Te report also reveals that educated Americans who have … Read More

Majority of American Workers have less than $100,000 Retirement Benefits Savings

A new survey has revealed that majority of American workers have less than $100,000 retirement benefits savings. It includes baby boomers and Millennials as well. Another thing revealed by the report is that many of the American workers have … Read More

Retirees want Younger Generations to Save towards Retirement Benefits Consistently

A study has highlighted that retirees want younger generations to save towards retirement benefits consistently because they failed to do the same. Many of the retirees also think that they were forced to retire earlier than expected. They also admitted … Read More

Diminished Capacity Makes Retirement Benefits Planning Harder: Study

A recent survey has highlighted that the biggest concern of the retirees after 10 years into retirement was dementia or diminished capacity. People are concerned about the financial implications of their health and it is being stressed upon that the … Read More

Americans Saving Longer Towards Retirement Benefits

A new study has revealed that the Americans today are saving for longer years so that they can get retirement benefits for several more years than their predecessors. The study also highlighted the fact that Americans didn’t rely on kids … Read More