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6 IRA Myths that Prevented You from Increasing Your Retirement Benefits Busted

When you are planning your retirement, you obviously look for an option that let you grow your retirement benefits easily. One such option is to put your money in an individual retirement account or IRA. But some people fail to … Read More

Increased Retirement Benefits Savings Lead to Lower Medicaid Spending

A new study has revealed the fact that increased retirement benefits savings lead to lower Medicaid spending. If a state is offering assistance to employees in boosting their retirement savings, it is indirectly contributing towards reducing the Medicaid spending. The … Read More

Many Americans Are Withdrawing from a 401(k)

A new study says that many Americas are withdrawing from a 401(k). Though this is a not a good news, some viable reasons why they do so were also listed. Some advice on how Americans can prepare a savings … Read More

California’s Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program to Roll Out Soon

The Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program of California will come into effect from January 1, 2017. This program intends to help people save more towards retirement benefits by ensuring that employers who don’t offer a retirement plan sign up the … Read More

Women with 401(k) Plan Prefer Wealth over Health in Retirement

A survey has revealed that most of the women who have a 401(k) plan would opt for wealth over the health. The survey also pointed out that women usually have longer careers than men and explained its reasons. It found … Read More

Health Care Benefits would be most affected in Trump’s Presidency: Survey

A recent online survey has revealed people’s expectations on the areas that would be affected by Trump’s presidency health care benefits topped the list. The survey also highlighted the fact that many people were worried about their future post the … Read More

Retirement Readiness in Monroe County is not good: Survey

A new survey has revealed that the retirement readiness in Monroe County is not good. Neither the Gen Xers nor the baby boomers are sure that they will retire comfortably. They have not initiated planning in most cases and think … Read More

Nearly Half of Young Americans have Zero Retirement Benefits Savings

The retirement savings of young Americans are not up to the mark. It has been proven again by a survey which found out that nearly half of young Americans have zero retirement benefits savings. Their chances of getting regular … Read More

Penn University Offers Voluntary Retirement Packages

Penn University has decided to deal with it workforce problems and rising cost issues by offering the employees to opt for Voluntary retirement. Those who choose this option would get a huge sum of money. The staff will also … Read More

Oregon has a Clear Path for State Retirement Benefits Plan

The state of Oregon can now easily help the private sector employees to get access to a state-run retirement benefits plan. This plan was earlier facing a key federal hurdle that has cleared now. This plan would be implemented in … Read More

California to Initiate a State-Run Retirement Plan

The California lawmakers would probably pass a new bill in a few days in which a new state-run retirement plan would be given a nod. This plan will help all those people in California who have got no access to … Read More

U.S. Lagging Behind on Retirement Index

It is a fact that the outlook for retirement security is improving in the U.S. But another fact that came to light recently is that the country is lagging behind several Western European nations when it comes to the Retirement … Read More

Women have Bigger Retirement Benefits Challenges: Study

A recent white paper has revealed that women are very poorly prepared for retirement. The reason is the higher number of challenges faced by women. Many women work only part time and some are not even offered a retirement plan. … Read More

Democrats push for more Retirement Benefits Coverage

Many democrats are asking the Obama government to ensure that more government contractors are covered under the retirement benefits plans. Those workers who do not have employer-sponsored retirement savings plans must be given the opportunity to invest in government-backed plans.… Read More

State retirement plans a good bid for future

State run retirement plans have been among the news for quite some time now and the ever increasing excitement pertaining to the efforts made by the states to set up these private employer plans is really something that’s worth being … Read More

New Federal Budget Will Be Good For Federal Retirement Savings

retirement obamaPresident Obama has always been one for focusing on federal retirement savings and recent news arriving from the White House indicate that the President will focus on the same matter in the coming budget as well. It’s expected that some … Read More

Start Planning your Finances for 2016

The New Year with all its might is finally here. You need to start planning your finances now more than ever. Here are a few tips for you to benefit from:

How to manage your finances in 2016:

A financialRead More

Expect Your Newly Announced Retirement Plan To Not Deliver

myRAmyRA has been the recipient of many critique and analysis in the past few months after its announcement and there has been a wave of uncertainty generated in the minds of the federal employees so as to whether or not … Read More

IRS Announces Savings Plan Contribution Limits For 2016

IRS Announces Savings Plan Contribution Limits For 2016


The Internal Revenue Service announced that savings plan contribution limits for tax year 2016 will in general stay the same.

There are no cost‑of‑living adjustments (COLA) to be made … Read More

Kentucky to Withhold FICA Tax From Retirement Plan Contributions

IRS to Kentucky – Withhold Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) Taxes From Retirement Plan Contributions

insuranceThe IRS has asked the State of Kentucky to start paying Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) withholding taxes from the retirement plan contributions of government … Read More